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   Some time ago I've been playing poker online. At the begining it was only for vice ... but now I'm starting to give me pretty well and I'm taking my first euros. I started with an offer, which I recommend to everyone, you enter the $ 50 for free on your player account plus you get a bonus of more than $ 50 will gradually unlocked. I know it sounds like a scam because no one gives anything for free ... But I swear it works, I have already the $ 50, plus $ 15 bonus, plus the little that by the time I won playing the odd tournament. First of all, due to the title of the post, I leave the definition of Bankroll: - It is called the total money bankroll a player stays in one or more poker rooms, according to this quantity determines the level at which to play, the money that can be invested in tournament entries etc. To understand ... bankroll = money. The bond that I have only good for the FullTilt poker house. After trying a lot of poker software, I think it's definitely the best house of all. Although you know ... everyone likes.

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To access the bonus only must meet the following standards: 1. Valid only for new accounts at Full Tilt Poker. If you already have an account at Full Tilt Poker (no matter if it's fake money) you can not access your free bankroll. 2. Only one account per household. If someone in your place of residence has an account at Full Tilt Poker, you can access your free bankroll. 3. The following countries do not apply to this promotion. If you live in one of these countries, puedrá not qualify: France, Serbia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Georgia, Estonia, Romania, Kazakhstan, Croatia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, China, North Korea, Vietnam, Turkey, Iran , Pakistan, Myanmar, and Colombia. (Spain if valid!) 4. You have to create an account with them, also download the application from Full Tilt Poker through their links, using your promotional code when registering. Otherwise, your account will be invalid. 5. You must respond to emails that request you FPCB. 6. You must complete all personal information and have it checked your information in the teller (cashier) Full Tilt Poker to qualify for this offer, NO EXCEPTIONS. (So putting the data well, but also that you can charge the course.) 7. Once approved, you will receive $ 50 in your account plus another bonus of $ 50. You will also have access to the deposit bonus of 100% on your first deposit every new player receives a FullTilt. Repeat ** Although you do not need to make any income. I have not done and I've got some money. Cheers, and see if I see any forocochero in Sit'n Go Full Tilt, pluck it ...

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Titan Poker Bonus vs Standard. Bonus Code. The standard bonus Titan Poker you can find on the official website gives 50% to $ 200 on your first deposit. The bonus code Titan Poker has been given exclusive titan and use it on your first deposit offers a better deal: 200% bonus on your first deposit royal to $ 2,000. This means that if you make a first deposit of $ 30, $ 60 extra to get your bankroll totaling $ 90!

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Created by professionals (available for MAC , the manufacturer's website), Full Tilt Poker has incorporated the best features, which make the game and learning to be a pleasant experience. Its professionals not only have decades of experience playing real poker tables, they also bring great knowledge about the world of online poker. In Brazil, the site of the University Poker, Full Tilt partner, has tutorials and tips about software and game.

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PokerStars is also known for its many innovative developments. You can think of time tourneys, home games, but also Zoom Poker. Zoom Poker is known as the fastest poker world, because in comparison with regular cash games to four times as many hands you play. Be warned: If you have tried Zoom Poker then chances are you do not otherwise want!

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The most interesting feature of Cake Poker is the exclusive software. His view has a realistic and you can even choose between different avatar-looking when you sign up. There are a few painful notes as some bugs and a filter of the stakes, and also with regard to promotions Cake Poker compares quite well. Unfortunately, it did little to invest in tournaments, cash games players will enjoy promotions Gold Cart with cash prizes that reach $ 52,000.