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 Welcome to website.  Poker Net Online site is one of the top 10000 sites in the world. Here is a new website that delivers POKERNETONLINE new players a starting capital of $ 30 Titan Poker, and $ 50 to unlock after 5000 titan poker points and then again after $ 70 10 000 titan poker points. Soitau total $ 150 free without any deposit!

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How does it work? First, create an account click on the PokerNetOnline. Then, through the site, download the Titan Poker software and register a new account. The PokerNetOnline page and enter your Titan Poker account name, which you can transfer the money. If it is OK, you'll get $ 30 amount to your account for immediate use. This is approx. 1-4 working days after you receive it. How do I get the rest of the money? After the $ 30 free poker money has been credited, you can start to collect and play with the Titan Points. 5000 Titan Points credited to your account after the additional $ 50. Then, after another 5000 points (ie 10,000 points) are credited $ 70. They are also 1-4 working days to be credited to your account. So it will be a total of $ 150 free poker money.

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The initial deposit bonus of $ 2,000 should be claimed at tables $ 50 No Limit tables or higher, due to the way the points are distributed. For example, a bank of $ 24 and less, only .2 points but on benches of $ .25 - $ .50 approaches 1 Titan Poker Point per hand. If you are familiar with earning dollars in bonus, this should not be a very bad bonus when winning. Especially if you want to play tournaments, as the player points system rewards tournament play.

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Another discussion on the internet suggests the players to make a boycott casinos that accept the main names FTP, an attempt to force a decision against Lederer and other leaders of the site.

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PokerStars is the only one in the field of tournament players and number of tournaments qualitatively and quantitatively protrudes above all other sites. Ring games are Hold'em, limit and no limit, Omaha, Omaha Hi / Lo. 7 Stud, 7 Stud Hi / Lo. Poker Tournament Players - PokerStars is the site for you. At this moment there is no other online poker site in the same breath should be called with PokerStars in MTT tournaments.

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CakePoker has developed its own software which consists of a poker table ordered and the client is easy to use, with a nice graphics and no frills. You can choose from 15 different avatars. You can also play in an unlimited number of tables and there are many other functions.