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  Sign up for PokerSource side of the Referred by (username) lane type in CirkoB Click the e-mail received registration confirmation link. The PokerSource the poker rooms offering FREE POKER GIFTS can be found under menu item. Pick one, download software from the given link. When opening an account or a deposit when you enter the bonus code PokerSource. Pay at least the minimum amount specified in the poker room. Return to the PokerSource side and creates within the NEXT button to enter the user's name, e-mail address and the date of account opening. Collect all the necessary points in the poker room. The value of PokerSource scores of PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker account, or you can request it (no need to register PokerSource side, these products). Extra bonuses from the PokerSource

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  The poker room after each completed PokerSource 10-12 thousand PokerSource points to a total of $ 100 - $ 120 dollars meet. The points are just poker rooms you can ask in the form of gift cards, where they can refer to other points in exchange for its own account. This means that PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker is therefore 100 more restaurants or 50 VPPs FTP to earn, so every time an additional $ 18 and $ 10 in rake additionally be produced. Other products may also apply to gift cards (Party Poker, Red Kings Poker, Absolute Poker), but these are not given in advance, how much extra rake must be produced. PokerSource partner product The online poker room offers 17 PokerSource, but 3 to register a poker room, where better off with other promotional offerings for greater returns pages or due to other poker is missing. The 3 room total of $ 490 first deposit bonus can earn money and gifts.  

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The selection of games at Titan player is focused on low, offering plenty of opportunities in cash games and tournaments. Tables start at 1c/2c money for most games and end at $ 10 / $ 20 for the NL and $ 50 / $ 100 limit, relatively low compared to some of the tables available elsewhere. The game types are also somewhat restrictive, with nothing out of hold'em and Omaha, although there are enough games available Turbo. The tournaments also inclined toward this side of the stakes in the same way as Noble and CD. There are a lot of sit-and-gos of $ 1, $ 2 and $ 5, of which several are sit-and-go's with 'jackpot' where they can earn great prizes to win several of them consecutively, which compensates for the absence of multi-table games. Scheduled tournaments offer a plethora freerolls and micro tickets and many satellites including several at the WSOP. There are also special tournaments for students, in case anyone was worried about studying too.

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Full Tilt Poker announced that the Dane Gus Hansen is back to "family." The former Full Tilt Pro will now act as an ambassador for the site, which in the Nov. 6 will turn its operations around the world except in the United States, Denmark, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium and in Estonia.

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Ring / Cash Games: The games at PokerStars offered are Hold'em, limit and no limit, Omaha, Omaha Hi / Lo. 7 Stud, 7 Stud Hi / Lo. Every conceivable limit 1cent/2cent to $ 100 / $ 200 is offered here.

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CakePoker also offers a 200% bonus up to $ 2,000 for all new players. This bonus is released in $ 5 for every 83.3 points gleaned playing online poker at